The White Bandit

In 1987 on the advice of Piet Henk De Weerd, H.T. “Chic” Brooks and Brad La Verne went to the racing pigeon loft of Julien and Roland Janssen to purchase a few top flying sprint pigeons.

A white grizzle cock stood out immediately. At first, Julien said, “Never for sale. This bird has stolen many races because he enters the loft so quickly on returning from his races. He has been 17x first and at present the best cock on our widowhood team."

Another week of negotiating and with Piet’s help, Julien started to give in a bit and with Roland giving his okay, we paid the price and the white grizzle was headed to Hapyco Lofts of California. We named him while flying home from Belgium. Julien had said he was a thief on race day-–this made the 
White Bandit a very appropriate name.

From this evolved the Hapyco Bandit family-–Juliena, his mother with 9x first; Wizard of Win 18x first and Provincial champion; and nestmate Flash 12x first. The White Banditwas the “King” of Hapyco. More than 170 fanciers are flying his descendents across America. They have won many races and many $ in the money races. The Snow Bird – 2nd, 3rd, 4th (twice), etc. California State Race, Red Band Race, City of Hope, Triple Crown, Auction Races, Futurities, Club and Combine, 120-600, to name a few.

White Bandit and Maxine were buried together in October of 2002 (he was almost 20 years). But you know he’s been here because on race day, some times it looks like a snow storm is landing!

We have imported more than 120 birds from Roland since 1987. The last two cocks were the 
Pit Bull, 5x first and producer deluxe, a son of the Pit BullThunderstorm, as a yearling won 5x first, 5x second, 1st Ace Yearling, 1st Champion Yearling Silver Ring (2nd) with 20,000 birds.

This past season we purchased his 
White Tornado, Ace Pigeon 2001, 5x first, 2x second. His father is a grandson ofBingo, 10x first. His sons and daughters continue to breed winners at Hapyco. The mate to the White Tornado, 4182873 White Hen is from the OLD GR13, 19x 1st, 3x Ace Pigeon, 2x Provincial Champion 2x Silver ring. OLD GR13 is from a grandson of White Bandit.

Here we collect articles dealing with White Bandits all over the world


Author: RWS Title: Grizzles 
Date: 2004-07-17 15:50:20 Uploaded by: webmaster 
My first ever real incounter with pigeons was in 1995 and I was only 9 years old. 
A beautiful light grizzle cock flew down from my friends two story loft, to my feet, 
picked up a twig and flew back again. He did this for at least 20 minutes; I was 
completely amased as I didn't even know my friend kept pigeons! Later that day
he took me into the loft and showed me a huge variety of colour in his birds, 
(he didn't keep any or many blues at all),immediatally I was bitten by the 'pigeon bug'
and wanted to take the birds home! After careful persuasion with my parents I setup my 
own 6 x 4 foot with 6 x 3 foot aviary on the front. So I went back to this fancier and 
he offered me some wonderful birds including that grizzle cock..... From those first 
eight birds I received I still have four running in my loft now, still including the 
grizzle cock! My first year of racing will be next year (2001) and the young from this 
grizzle will finally be tested. My grizzle is: kirkpateric and getting on for 5 years 
old, he is unrung and unraced.But anyway enough about me, on with the others! John 
Peterson from South Africa has purchased, raced and bred a good strain of grizzles since 
only 1998. His birds foundly came from Rick Mardis and are thought to be a Janssen cross. 
He started with 10 pairs and only bred 6 for the 1999 old birds racing season (as he does 
not believe in racing young birds). At the start of racing he had 3 hens and 1 cock left, 
and he only raced the first 8 races of the year.The 3 hens were placed in the top ten in 
every race but were mostly in the top five, this is from 100 to 500 miles. From these 
results we can see that these birds are very consistant, and dependable at most distances. 

Again in South Africa one outstanding cock was the 1999 Middle Distance Champion of all 
Africa (see picture). With 886,009 birds competeing for that title it is a brilliant 
performance. Back to England and Dr Jeff Horn won countless positions with his grizzles 
in the very strong Up North Combine (upwards of 25,000 birds competeing in each race), 
before moving to Scotland. While over in america John Curry has great breeding and racing 
stock of grizzles. His #144 grizzle 'Reecie' a, Roussell, De Bacq, Dordin x Janssen cock 
has produced numerous winners for him and other people; and youngsters are being sold at 
$100 US each!, this just shows what class this bird is. Even 'Reecie's' father #428 at 
16 years old is still producing the goods! To keep with the head of the pack John is 
crossing in some 'Bandit' grizzles (from Hapyco (see Below)) to strengthen his team even 
more. But the original family of John's came from France in World War 2, from Anthony 

As I have said the 'Bandit' was from Hapyco birds so hear is their information of grizzles: 
"The Bandits are Grizzles and whites. Sometimes they throw dark checks and the odd Blue Bar. 
We have imported over 60 birds from Belgium. They are winning all over the USA. One cock 
in Texas "The Bandido" bred 30 1st place winners. and it goes on and on. 

Hapyco LoftsOf Chic Judy Brooks California Brad & Sis Laverne 

The Bandit Family

In 1987 Brad Laverne and Chic Brooks went to Belgium and Holland to seek out and purchase a 
family of top Sprint Birds. Prior to our visit Piet DeWeerd and his son Henk DeWeerd compiled 
a list of flyers they considered to be the best in Europe.Heading the list was a man in Beveren, 
Belgium. Mr. Julien Janssens, flying under the name of Segers-Janssens. Since Mr. Janssens was 
not in the business of selling pigeons, but certainly in the business of making money by winning 
races. He was not willing to part with more than one of his top widowhood cocks, at any Price. 
The trip, after much negotiation, netted us the "WHITE BANDIT" from his young bird team a son 
"TONTO" along with "JULIENA" mother of "THE BANDIT".Nine other hens, and a promise to consider 
us when he was ready to retire 5 cocks that we really wanted from his widowhood team. Sadly in 
1989 Mr. Janssens passed away and his son Roland continued on with the birds. We contacted Henk 
de Weerd in June to visit Roland on our behalf to see if he would part with the 5 cocks. He agreed 
to send them to America, along with three white flown hens. Piet's evaluation, the finest group 
of sprint birds he had ever seen leave the country. Birds with such records seldom leave. 

11 of the first 21 we purchased had combined Firsts of 95.
THE WHITE ACE (Ace Pigeon in 1986/87)
We never received his flying record
CLAUDINE Champ Y. B. 2 

Since 1987 we have imported over 70 from the ROLAND JANSSENS LOFT. The Bandits straight or crossed 
have far away done the best of any family we have imported. They have won, State Hall of Fame, 
Club Hall of Fame, Combine Hall of Fame. State Races, City of Hope Races, over $90,000 in the 
Snow-Bird Race. Including $20,000 in 1998 & $11,000 in 1999. 1999 the 2nd in the world, 
1st USA 200 mile @ Beijing Classic and was a straight BANDIT. The 4th place Snowbird 1998 15th 
place 1999 bred out of a son on "TONTO" , 3rd AU 98 was from "BINGO II"

Although they were only flown up to 200 in Belgium ...they win 100 to 400 here have won 500 
(by Hapyco) and 550 (Ed Lorenz).They make great crosses, especially with the ELIO LUMACHI'S, 
MEULEMANS and VAN LOONS. Meuleman Bandit Cross 1999 won 2nd in the Texas Center, 1st Texas Futurity, 
1st 2 clubs & 2 Combines. The Bandit Crossed with Van Loons and Lumachi also won 1st place 1998/99. 
Awe are again in negotiation with Roland Janssens to purchase a top white grizzle cock. Hopefully 
for our 2000 poly Breeding Program." 
Now you can see grizzles are winning major prizes throughout the world with many different people 
and strains. Perhaps now people will not stock their lofts with only blues and chequers and think 
of other colours too. Wouldn't life be boring with only the blue coloured birds!!
In the late eighties, Hapyco Lofts of California (Chic Brooks and Brad Laverne) went to Europe in search of a top family 
of sprint birds. With the assistance of Peit and Henk de Weerd, they focused only on lofts that were considered the very best 
sprint lofts in Europe. Their top choice was the loft of Julien Janssens. In 1987 they imported the “White Bandit” (from the Old 
Bird Team), “Tonto” (from the Young Bird Team) and ten hens, including “Juliena” (the dam of “White Bandit”). In 1989 Julien 
Janssens passed away and his son Roland carried on with the pigeons. At that time, Hapyco Lofts were able to import 5 
additional cocks from Julien’s Old Bird Team along with three flown hens. These two importations of 7 cocks and 13 hens 
were called by Peit de Weerd, the finest group of sprint birds he had ever seen leave the country. Since then, Hapyco Lofts 
have imported over 100 additional birds from Roland Janssens.

Hapyco Lofts have been extremely successful with these birds. Straight or crossed, they have won countless races and awards 
for themselves and their many clients over the past 17 years. 
Given this history, the sprint family of Julien and Roland Janssens (via Hapyco Lofts) was an obvious choice for our primary 
sprint family. Since our interest in the family is as sprinters, we have stayed as much as possible with uncrossed birds. We 
maintain two subfamilies. The first (JRJ) are 100% descended from the J&R Janssens imports. The second subfamily is 
the percentage Janssens (JJP). For the most part these trace 90% or more to the imports, but have a small percentage of 
other birds in their background. Many of these trace back to the magic mating of “White Bandit” to 2821-AU-82-MTZ, 
which produced over 12 first place winners and many thousands of dollars in futurity winnings. 
We test them hard and are looking for birds that dominate up to 150 miles. As crosses they can go just about any distance 
depending upon what they have been crossed with. 

These are some of the key birds of the family (details about each bird coming soon):

“White Bandit”
4130170-BELG-83 - WG Cock
17 X 1st

4025517-BELG-90 - WG Cock
10 X 1st

“Wizzard of Win”
4257033-BELG-84 - DCWF Cock
10 X 1st

“Super 268”
4050268-BELG-82 - BBSP Cock
The Key Bird!! Sire of 4 different Gold/Silver Ring Winners.

4026768-BELG-81 - BBSP Hen
9 X 1st. Sister of “Super 268”. Dam of “White Bandit”

04360350-BELG-95 - WG Cock
5 X 1st

“White Favory”
4130177-BELG-83 - WG Cock
20 X 1st

4040022-BELG-89 - BBWF Cock
9 X 1st



Deze crack uit Beveren-Waas is weer aan een pracht¬seizoen bezig. Of het nu gemakkelijk weer is, of het nu zwaar weer is, 
of het nu bewolkt is of het nu snikheet is, voor de tegenstand blijft er altijd hetzelfde over, kruimels...
Roland, of liever de duiven van Roland, blijven het Beverense vitessespel op ongelooflijke wijze domineren.
Vanaf de eerste zondagen waren ze op post en in overeenstemming met vorige jaren zal dat meer dan waarschijnlijk blijven duren
tot het einde van het seizoen. De verzamelaar van gouden en zilveren ringen is misschien wel aan één van zijn sterkste seizoenen bezig.
Zo werden op 20 april van de 30 duiven die ingekorfd werden op Quiévrain en Noyon liefst 27 duiven op de uitslag geplaatst.
Van Quiévrain klokte onze kampioen zowel bij de oude als bij de jaarse duiven steenvroege duiven. Wanneer we nog vermelden dat
daar telkens de twee eerstgetekenden bij waren zal de lezer wel begrijpen dat er weinig of niets over bleef voor de concurrentie.
De ondertussen al tot in Engeland bekende "Kleine Jos" en de "Blauwe Bingo" plaatsen zich steeds gans vooraan de uitslagen en
blijken week na week onklopbaar voor de waarborgen. Tot nog toe presteerden zijn poulains als volgt :
Quiévrain 06/04 112 oude: 3, 9, 15.enz (5/6) 138 jaarse : 4, 15, enz (4/4) 13/04 149 oude : 4, 5, 17, enz (5/6) 20/04 147 oude : 6,11, 15, enz (7/8) 327 jaarse : 2, 5,14, 21, enz (8/10) 04/05 120 oude : 2, 3, enz (7/8) 242 jaarse : 1, 21, enz (8/10) 11/05 103 oude : 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, enz (8/10) 195 jaarse : 1, 19, enz (6/8) Noyon 20/04 342 oude 14,18, enz (6/6) 620 jaarse : 40, 54 enz (6/6) 27/04 410 oude 20, 29, enz (5/6) 866 jaarse : 16, 35, enz (6/8) 04/05 294 oude 2,3,enz (5/6) 571 jaarse : 2,24, enz (6/6) 11/05 228 oude: 11,22,enz (4/6) 453 jaarse: 8,29,enz (4/6) Het Duivenblad May 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roland Janssens - Segers
WE NEVER HAD A LESSER SEASON IN RACING SPRINT PIGEONS BEVEREN - Na 45 topseizoenen is het imago van de snelheidstopkolonie Janssens-Segers nog altijd intact. 2006 was een verlengstuk van de suprematie, met naast zestien ereprijzen acht individue¬le en algemene titels, vijf asduiven, zes superstars, een gouden en een zilveren ring en een bingo. Sinds 1963 domineert de familie Jans¬sens-Segers het snelheidsgebeuren. De voorbije zeventien jaar trok Roland Janssens de kar. "Wij maakten nog nooit een zwak seizoen mee", stelt Roland Janssens."Dat leidt niet tot euforie. Integendeel. Alles is mogelijk. Wij blijven dus constant attent. De basisgedachte blijft dat in het duivenspel alles vertrekt van de kwaliteit. Op het hok gebeurt de selectie altijd op de strengste manier. Zwakkelingen krijgen geen kans. Jonge duiven die niet goed in de hand liggen, voor ons de slappe mannen, gaan er onmiddellijk uit." "Momenteel heb ik dertig weduwnaars om Quievrain en Noyon to spelen. De veertien oude duiven hebben allemaal ofwel eerste prijzen ofwel een asduiftrofee achter hun naam. De ploegkapitein is de Gouden Ring, de 483/03 (een rechtstreekse duif van J. Huygens uit Oosterlo), die met negen overwinningen achter zijn naam staat." "De jonge duiven, zeventig uit een eerste ronde, speel ik op de schuifdeur. Zij trainen eenmaal per dag en wisselen iedere dag van hok. In de zomer trainen de weduwnaars al om 5.30u. Eén trainingsbeurt per dag gedurende een halfuur volstaat om de conditie te peilen. Een heel seizoen krijg vliegers en de jonge duiven een samenstelling van kweekmengeling en superdieet. De duiven mogen niet aanvetten of er komt van presteren niets terecht. Voor de medische verzorging vertrouw ik blindelings op het advies van dierenarts De Weerdt uit Breda." "Het Boelras blijf dominant' BEVEREN - "De legendarische grijze duiven van wijlen Jef Boelvormen het fundament van de stam" zegt Roland Janssens." Het onverslijtbare Boelras is in onze kolonie altijd dominant en heeft zijn kwaliteit zelfs in Amerika en Engeland met succes doorgegeven." "Om een te dichte familiekweek op te vangen, koos ik voor inkruisingen met afstammelingen van de h Marcel De Maere (Belsele), gebroeders De Block (Sint-Gillis), Leon Wandels (Merelbeke), Albert Marcelis (via Eric Berckmoes, Brecht) Marcel De Sorte (Melsele), Miel Van den Abbeele (Denderbelle) en de duiven van De Weerdt (Breda). Een attente observatie zorgt ervoor dat aan de eigenheid van de basisduiven niet wordt geraakt." Dit jaar wordt de kwaliteit verder uitgebreid met duiven van van Patrick Lismont (Bekkevoort) en Flor Engels en zonen (Zoutleeuw). GVA March 2007